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Cancer - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Cancer is one of the stigmatized words in the English language. There is a wide range of diseases, and includes but how is the knowledge of its existence has grown steadily, the knowledge of what it has shrunk limited to the realm of myths and rumors that are so damaging to the real facts.Cancer, simply put, are malignant tumors that are unregulated growth and proliferation of their cells and the invasion of adjacent tissue. The word "evil" is important here. Not all tumors are malignant, it is only those who spread and multiply rapidly in order to be considered as such.
Cancer is generally defined by some of the symptoms depend on the type and location of the tumor, and various screening assays, which are increased more and more the risk of cancer.

Such as smoking, infections, nutrition and lack of exercise - Although there are many known causes of cancer is a cancer may also be hereditary. It is therefore extremely important to be aware of your family medical history of hyper-aware of the signs and symptoms have developed similar problems.


There are no symptoms of cancer that is generally valid for all types of symptoms or identified specifically assigned to most cancers can be attributed to other diseases.Thus, it is not uncommon due to cancer after treatment of the symptoms at first was slightly different.

Symptoms show up in areas where the cancer is present, show. Thus, the presence of lung cancer by a severe cough, difficulty swallowing or pneumonia is indicated, while colon cancer may produce anal bleeding. Other symptoms include lumps and bumps, especially light feeling in the breasts and testicles, and local and long-term pain.


Reasons for the different forms of cancer are widely discussed. This is due to the fact that a cancer in an individual, a plurality of possible causes, or from different events habits of a person.

For example, smoking and other tobacco products is long major contribution to the risk of lung cancer known. Although, the longer you smoke for, the more likely you are to develop cancer, smoking increases at any time in your life, the risk of developing it at some point later in life. The same is true for passive smoking - inhaling smoke from the cigarette lighter of another person, for example - although the risks are lower than smoking it first hand.

Other unidentified factors are alcohol, albeit to a lesser extent than smoking, obesity and physical inactivity, where the avoidance of the former and taking enough of the latter is preferred, and radiation, where the cells mutate when exposed to and then continue to multiply and penetrate into tissue in the vicinity in a cancer mode. Sun exposure is one way cancer by radiation, UV radiation can cause cancer, like melanoma and other skin cancers known.

As already mentioned, cancer can be hereditary, although the low statistics for hereditary forms of cancer, ranging from 3 to 10 percent of all cancers.


Most forms of cancer are treated primarily by surgery. This is usually all that the entire mass of the tumor is required to remove and in some cases, the lymph nodes around to counteract. A surgical biopsy is also the phase in which the cancer advanced, is to determine is.

Chemotherapy has also operates an effective method to fight cancer and is occupied by the patient exposed to a regimen of drugs that target cells rapidly divide and destroy.While cancer is a type of cell, there are others that occur naturally in the body that are the target, leading to various side effects, is the most famous alopecia, better known as hair loss known.

Radiation therapy is often in combination with one or both of the above uses and involves the use of ionizing radiation to kill malignant cells. As is often used in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy, in some cases, particularly with a spinal or brain tumors, it is more practical to be used only to treat patients.

Cancer is one of the most devastating and widespread diseases in the world today and will get even worse as our population ages, thanks to improved medical techniques and change our lifestyles in line with current trends. For many years scientists have been working on a cure for cancer, and developed during many treatments and improves the general solution to this most frightening of diseases is still a long way. Hopefully it's just a matter of time.

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